What is SSL?

What is a Secured Socket Layer (SSL)?

A Secured Socket Layer, or SSL, is the usual way that a website creates a secure connection with a web browser. Whenever a web surfer visits a secure site that uses SSL technology, it creates an encrypted link between their browser session and the web server. SSL is the industry standard for secure web communication and is used to protect millions of online transactions each day.

What Does Encryption Mean?

Encryption simply means that the information that is going back and forth between an individual’s computer and the website is scrambled so that no one else can understand it. A formula on each side is used to scramble the information before sending it and unscramble it upon receipt. If a hacker happens to intercept the personal information en route, it would be worthless to them.

What is a SSL Certificate?

The web server must have an SSL certificate before it can create an SSL connection. When someone activates SSL protocols on their web server, they are asked to answer questions that will establish their identity. The questions ask for information about both the website and the company. After the SSL certificate is requested, the web server creates two cryptographic keys, one is a Private Key and the other is a Public Key. These keys are used along with the encryption formula to create the secure link between the web server and browser sessions.

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